Buying A House? Don’t Forget To Do The Necessary Checkups

By | November 24, 2016

To buy a house is a lifetime investment, so you must carefully examine the property before purchasing it. Do not let the internal décor sway you from heeding attention towards other necessary aspects when it comes to house selection. Do some necessary checkups before making the final purchase of your dream house. It is better to appoint a qualified examiner to inspect the property.

Make sure that the place is free of asbestos. You can hire asbestos removal companies to remove all asbestos from the place as it may cause health problems later.

The asbestos removal in Melbourne must supply you complete services including before and after demolition asbestos reviews, air samples, testing and checking and quality control of asbestos declining projects. Make sure that the removal companies do their jobs efficiently and the asbestos are carefully detached from the property. 

The removal companies must conduct the following checkups

1. The walls should be free from decomposition and water stains. They should check the walls of toilets carefully. There should be no signs of water leakage and dampness on the walls.

2. Check that the ceilings are not drooping. The ceilings must be firmly fixed. Also check if the ceilings are not disheveled. They should not have up and down appearances.

3. Check inside all the cabinets and make sure that the walls are free from damps, molds and mildews. If dampness is found, then it is a sign of water leakage.

4. Check the walls that they do not have big cracks. Bigger cracks are cause of concern and should be carefully inspected by the building examiner.

5. Toilets should be free from molds. The molds should be cleaned by the professionals and it should be removed totally.

6. Check the plastering of the walls so that no hairline cracks appear on them. These hairline cracks slowly increase and the plasters become loose.

7. Check the roofs that they are in order and cracks are not found. Make sure roof gutters are not rusted. The gutters should be in proper order otherwise rainwater will stockpile and the roofs will get damaged.

8. Check the pipelines and the gutters carefully that they are in order. They should be clear from jams and the water must be drained out easily. There should be no leakage in the drain pipes. The leakages spill water and destroy the walls.

9. There should not be any drain holes on the walls of the house. The holes permit water to get away from the hollow spaces of the walls. This will help the water to soak inside the walls and cause dampness or leakage inside the rooms. The walls of the rooms will get spoilt and the paints will be affected and damaged. So, you should do proper checkups before you buy the house.