Easy Steps For Chemical Free Insect Repellent

By | November 27, 2016

When you speak of organic gardening, there is always a catch to its process. What happens is the gardener or farmer digs up the ground, plants his seed of choice and nurtures it with plenty of care. Daily scheduled watering and weeding, yet there are times when he witnesses a few pests. However since he’s expected to cultivate an organic crop he merely ignores these pests until they be outnumbered and the plants seem to need extra attention. This is when he disheartened yet decides to purchase commercial powders that are great for eliminating these pests. Within a matter of days the plants are back in shape and blossoming as never before, yet however the concept of organic cultivation is long gone astray. The mistake caused by the gardener is not the fact that he used commercial powders, it is the sole mistake of believing that organic plantation meant nothing about getting rid of pests. Hence this article will educate you on how organic methods of getting rid of pests effectively.

The foundation of building the soil

We all know that the secret for good healthy crops and plants is good soil. Having a dead soil means you have gone too far in killing everything in the surrounding except for the soil. Building up a healthy soil takes time, however if you start right away in adding compost, with time you will eventually have a healthy soil for plants to thrive on. At all times it is best to avoid cheap pest control towards your cultivation.

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Change spots of the crop

This means that you simply giving a run for the pests. Do not make it easy for pests by continuously planting the same crop in the same spot every year. Keep changing positions and this the pests will not know which crop is planted where. Since this is not always practical and cannot be complied with the point, at least making minor changes will be useful to your harvest.

Plants and its companions

There are few plants that when planted together act as an excellent natural repellent for pesky bugs. For instance, growing radish is great to get rid of cucumber beetles and borage is great to eliminate tomato worms and cabbage moths. Onions and garlic have a strong smell which are natural repellents for pesky pests and this can be grown all around the garden.