Solid Waste Management And Treatment

By | November 24, 2016

Waste management is a serious issue of today’s world. It is growing in alarming rates. The latest version of solid waste have filled acres of land fills. To clear the waste and reduce the consumption or production of solid waste; people are taking serious steps. Pollution and population density are the two important reasons that increases the land waste. When municipality or corporation of a city does not manage and throw the waste items properly, it will accumulated and lead to having huge masses of waste that you can so nothing with and also it will just cause several other environmental issues like pollution, spread diseases, ground water will be affected.

What is solid waste management?

Solid waste management is the organised method of controlling the accumulation, collection, keep it, move it to different place, the separate it to segregate it. It also involves the proceeded of stabilising, treating and recycling and at last dispose the remaining solid waste.

After the collection of waste using dumpsters or even some people make using bin hire in Doreen so that they can send in lots of waste at once. These huge masses of waste will be transported to land pits or places where solid wastes are treated.

Solid waste can be treated using various methods or ways. These are the effective but also has a lot of disadvantages.


Incineration involves the process of burning solid waste matter in a properly constructed furnace under controlled combustion conditions. By this method most of the solid waste is burning and the space used to store these huge mass of waste is seriously reduced. Moreover, since the combustion is controlled the combustion by products will be in manageable amounts. But burning waste in open furnace will have serious ill effects like it will cause several diseases to people who inhale the smoke. Fly ash which is one of the by products is found to be a bad thing for human health. People who work on burning will easily get lung problems and heat problems. It will also cause air pollution. If the acids mix with water vapour, there is a high chance of acid raining downpours in the areas.

Apart from this, there will be a very bad smell which will make the place inhabitable. Thus this method, though it has a huge range of advantages, it is not very good method because of the serious disadvantages that will be the reason for human health detrition. But if we leave the waste as it is, it will also cause several other bad effects on environment and people.

There are other ways to dispose waste like energy recovering, composting etc., but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.