Tips For Maintaining Skateboard Decks In UK

By | December 6, 2016

The skateboard has several parts. Each part of the skateboard needs special attention to keep in an excellent condition for as long as it takes. The common parts include the deck, grip tape, truck mounting, lubrication, bearings and wheels. While it is easier to buy skateboard decks in UK, what many people may not realize is that maintenance is just as easy. The decks take more abuse than several other parts of the skateboard. Occasionally, replacing the decks could be the best option. If the decks seem excessively damaged, it could be wise to consider replacing them, especially where repairs are unfathomable. 

The best way to take care of the decks is to keep them as dry as possible. When not in use, dry the decks and ensure that they are free of any excess water. When the decks get wet, try to dry them as soon as possible. Wooden decks do not have the capacity to handle submersion in water for long. If this continues, expect the wooden decks to experience warping soon enough. Warping will eventually cause the decks to develop splits as well as cracks. Consequently, the decks shall be incapable of any service. A cracked and split skateboard deck is a risky piece of equipment, and the skater should avoid using such.

Skateboarding might seem to be all about the decks. In truth, the whole experience hinges on more than the decks. While all parts of the board are attached to the decks, they need as much maintenance as the decks. For example, adjusting the trucks regularly is one of the ways in which to keep the skateboard wellmaintained and in great condition. The difficulty or ease with which the mini cruiser skateboard is able to turn depends on the tightness of the trucks. In the beginning, an inexperienced skater might need a board with tighter trucks to limit the number of variables with which he has to deal, but in the fullness of time, he should loosen them up a bit.

The axle nuts need a bit of adjusting as well. Each wheel alignment Sydney should feature a single nut. Each wheel is attached to the axle with the help of the nuts. Each nut is about half-an-inch. Tighten the nuts as far as is possible, but ensure that the wheels are able to spin properly. At times, the axle nut shall tighten or loosen itself up. This should not worry the skater, who only needs to adjust it appropriately depending on what he needs. The bearings need thorough cleaning. Bearings are on all types of skateboards, including the longboard skateboard. Clean and lubricate the bearings as a way of returning them to an excellent condition. 

Lastly, the grip tape needs as much maintenance as possible. Clean and replace the grip tape appropriately. As a way of reiterating a point highlighted above, the skateboard deck should never suffer overexposure to water. Make the board as dry as possible. Avoid exposing the board to extreme temperatures. The board does not do well under extreme temperatures. Find a good place in which to store the board, thus improving its longevity. Avoid storing it in the trunk of a car or under a shed during summer and winter respectively. Decks are replaceable