Improve Your Home Security

By | March 26, 2017

Keeping your house safe and secure should always be a top priority. Even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are some ways in which you can improve your home security and keep your family and valuables safe.

Points of Entry

There are various places through which a thief may enter your house, like through a window, unlocked front door and side doors. Blocking the way of entry is the most effective way to keep thieves out. Add bars to all your windows and add deadbolts to all doors leading outside. These will be time consuming to deal with so a thief is less likely to break into a house with these features. Make sure to keep all your doors and windows locked even if you’re leaving for a short time.  

Leave No Opportunity

It is not wise to leave things lying around that will ultimately be useful for a thief. This includes keeping ladders outside as well as various tools like hammers. Keep these stored in a secure place. If you have overgrown bushes then it is best to keep them trimmed and neat as this can otherwise provide a place for a thief to hide. Also having trees near windows should be reconsidered. Replace all old locks on both windows and doors. Overtime doors may get more weathered and hinges may get weaker therefore it is best to replace these. If you have a garage it is important to make sure it is locked every time you leave the house. You need think about regularly following through with garage door service Perth or roller door repairs depending on what type of door your garage has, as these can be easily unnoticed.

Additional Tips

To keep your valuables safe in case a thief manages to enter your home, keep them in areas which are not easy to predict. Since bedrooms are the first choice for a place to store things like jewelry and cash, keep them in a different room so as to avoid them being found. For additional security you can keep any valuables in a safe. You can install a home security system which has several features like cameras and alarms. Nowadays these systems can be controlled over long distances through your phone. Installing motion sensor lights can provide plenty of light at night and can alert you to any movements outside. It is even possible now to have lights that can be controlled through timers. This way you can make it seem like your house is actually occupied and a thief is less likely to intrude. Furthermore, if you have trustworthy neighbors you can have them check on your house regularly if you’re away for a long period of time.