Optimizing Space With Bathroom Tips And Tricks

By | August 23, 2017

A small and cramped bathroom could be efficient, stylish and practical with the right knowledge. Here we discuss some ideas that can transform the way you look at your bathroom.

You can optimize a small bathroom to a whole lot larger with the help of a neutral colour which runs along the floor and up to the wall and into the ceiling as well. It creates an impression of endless space and is a better alternative to colouring different sections of the bathroom with different colours because it makes the bathroom look boxed in. Try replacing the shower curtain with Sydney shower screens, because they help remove the visual barrier between you and the walls, and you feel that you are taking a shower in a much bigger space. You can also try folding shower screens. They come in a variety of dimensions and styles, and you can choose the frosted look as well. folding shower screens

These need to be installed by professionals who can do it in a matter of hours.Depth can be added to a narrow bathroom which sports feature walls. A one block colour or bricks that are exposed give it a great look. Do not shy away from trying darker colours; they add character to the bathroom as well as elegance and opulence. Consider using lofts for storing non essential items in the bathroom, like changes in linen and extra towels and toilet paper boxes.

You should try, if possible, to add a skylight. It can open up the bathroom and also create an airy and light space. A white furnishing will help in bouncing the light off the room, so that you can add a lot of personality with some accessories. A leafy plant is a good idea. The lighting is a key factor if not the most important one. Incorporate some lights beside the mirrors as well as dimmable lights in alcoves. LED lighting is another option too. if you have the money to spare, they are energy efficient and come in various shapes and colours and can be a quirky addition to your lighting options.

You can generate interest in a bathroom which is small by using wallpapers that are striking to the eye. Ensure that the wallpapers are water resistant so as to cope with moist and damp conditions that abound in the shower area. If the bathroom is small in size, it is recommended that you install freestanding furniture you can be move around freely.

The space available to you and what your eye can sense is not the same. You can toy around with the perception by tiling the sides of the bath and your wall with same design. A viewer will find it quite difficult to tell the two apart.