Buying Weatherboard For Houses

By | October 23, 2015

Weatherboards are manufactured from different types of materials like aluminum, steel, PVC, fibre cement etc. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal boards are available in the market. Besides this, variety of profiles are easily available online and offline. It is important to maintain it regularly to increase its life span.

These days, timber weatherboard for house is in big demand by the homeowners. They are very durable, and can be used for as much as 30 years. They are coated with azoles preservative, in order to increase its life. Waxes and resins are also applied to protect them from harsh weather conditions and UV rays of sun. You do not require any special tools to install it. Moreover they are about 17% cheaper than other types of weatherboards.

In order to choose the best weatherboard for house, you must take expert guidance. Explore all the cladding options available online, and don’t forget to go through their pros and cons. Visit a trustworthy online dealer and place your order. Your parcel will be shipped to your homes or construction sites within 4- 7 days. They will also send an instruction manual that includes steps to install the weatherboard.

How are the weatherboards spoiled?
With time, the board might rot due to dampness. You will have to find the root cause of dampness. If the timber cladding is spoiled, it is essential to replace it at the earliest. Check whether the framing and building paper is in good condition. You could install painted timber cladding in damp areas for protection from moisture. You could also ask for expert help on this matter.
Many a times, moisture absorption will remove paint from the cladding joints. This will gradually damage the building. To cure this problem, you will have to remove the existing paint and then re prime the sides of building properly, especially the joints where they affect the most. You can even use the metal soakers to cover the joints. Timber cover boards also act as an effective boxed corner, and prevent moisture from seeping into the building.

How to prevent cupping of timber
Cupping of timber is a common issue faced by most of the homeowners. This problem is caused by different factors like the double nailing. This problem also occurs if back of the board is left unprimed. It is possible to prevent such problem.

You could replace the double nails with a line of single nails. Each weatherboard must be fixed by a small single nail. Make sure that the exterior and interior surfaces of weatherboard are primed well.