How To Brighten Up Your Home?

By | November 7, 2018

A home that looks dull and dark is not the most inviting and welcoming sight so if you want to impress your guests this summer and you have a house similar to what is described, you need to make some changes to your home. You need to allow the day light to penetrate in to your home and make the whole room come alive. If you’re somebody who is looking forward to making some changes in your home, the tips that we have mentioned below will definitely help you transform your home from a dark and gloomy space to a bright and spacious space.

Open Your Windows
Sometimes due to the ever changing weather we neglect the act of opening our windows and letting the day light spill over into the house but allowing your home to breathe and letting the day light in will make a huge difference for your home.

If your house has been looking gloomy and dark for a while, its probably because you have forgotten to open up the windows to your home so slide those windows open and let the day light transform your household.

White Walls
One of the biggest reasons why houses end up looking dark and dull is because of the color theme going on. If you have dark colors such as greys and blacks, you’re likely to not attract much light so the solution we recommend is, white walls. Regardless of the colorful wall murals online Australia sites offer and the decorative pieces, the majority of the walls should be done in white.Once the whole space is done up in white, you can resort to the option of buying wall murals online Australia sites offer and add a bit of color here and there to make things more fun and interesting.

Add Mirrors
Adding mirrors to a home is such a fun way of decorating a home. Adding mirrors throughout the home can help the space look much larger than it is while also helping to bounce off the natural light that flows into the room to make the space brighter and bigger in appearance.

Avoid Blocking The Light
Wherever there is natural light flowing into your home, use them to your advantage. Do not prop bookcases in front of windows and plants in front of windows and block the light that flows through into the room. Avoiding the light that comes in through the windows can make the space look smaller and less spacious so be careful about the placement of various pieces of furniture.