Moved Into A New House, Now What?

By | April 30, 2018

Congratulations, you moved into a new house and will be beginning your new life in just a few seconds! So, you would obviously want a solid start don’t you? Whether you have bought the new place or even if you have leased or rented it, here are a few things you should give priority before you settle down in the new premises specially if you are planning to stay for a while. 

Pay attention to security

Wherever you are it is important that you pay adequate attention to the safety of your possessions and your loved ones. Therefore, as soon as you move in or you close the deal on the purchase, etc., ensure you contact a trusted locksmith to change the locks or rekey the existing ones as appropriate. The people who previously owned the place may be highly respectable but you never know who had access to the place and, therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Check the utilities

You would have obviously checked the utilities such as the electricity and water supply before you paid the money but once you move in double check them and, if necessary get a professional to do it for you so that you will not end up calling all sorts of people within days after you move.

Clean the whole place

You need to perform a thorough cleaning even if the place looks clean to the naked eye. You never know what sorts of pests are lying around and no one wants to be sick the moment they start the new life. You also need to check the house for possible leaks, pest infestations, etc., before you start unpacking. It is better if you did these before you bought the place but sometimes you just do not have the time or the resources to do so before you get your hands on the premises.

Check if you have got all necessary items moved

Check the packages and ensure that the moving company has done their job properly and all things you wanted in the new house have arrived. You may also want to check and see if the fragile items are in proper condition as you cannot pass the blame to the movers after several months have lapsed.

Unpack the essentials

No one can unpack all the items at once. So, once you have made sure that the place is safe and is in living conditions, start by taking out only the things that you will frequently need. You can then take out the other things as time permits or as they are needed.

Get to know the important contacts

When you move into a new neighbourhood, it is important to know the right people. Keep the contacts of an emergency locksmith Northern Beaches who can assist you 24/7 if needed as you may not know the neighbours enough to wake them up in the middle of the night because you lost the house keys after a late night party. Also keep the contacts of a plumber, electrician, etc. who would be useful.


Once you have settled down a bit and your new house is presentable, you can go around socializing with the neighbours and getting to know them so that your new house will feel like a home in no time.