Tips To Open A Locked Car

By | July 2, 2018

If you have left your keys in the locked car, it is quite frustrating. If you don’t have a spare set of keys, you can follow some of the tips. Your absent-mindedness nature may have gotten you to leave your keys in the car. Life is easier when you have spare keys and keep it in a safe place. But if you don’t have it, then you may be in trouble, especially if you don’t take the right measures at the right time. Figure out the best technique to open your car and before you do so, check out the tools you have. Most importantly, know the type of vehicle and lock installed. If you have information about these basic things, you can figure out an easy method to open the car door safely.

Know your car type

If it’s the old styled door with small buttons on window ledges, a wire coat hanger can be of some help. To begin with, take a hanger and the end and tilt the edge a bit into the hook. Place the hanger in between the side window and rubber bolding. Thereafter, hook it on the door button by pulling it up. If the car has smooth buttons, try hooking it with the hanger or make use of a door stop along with a metal rod. Follow the same process by placing the rod into the opening gap and push it down towards the unlocking button.  Well, if these tricks don’t help, don’t waste any further time and simply call a mobile locksmith Belconnen.

Electronic car openers

With the help of locksmith in Canberra, your problem will be completely solved. Besides, most of the cars fortunately work on electronic door openers also known as digital keys. When you have this feature, there is no need to lock the doors manually. However, the only disadvantage is if you lose or misplace it. It may take a few days in addition to a few dollars to get a replacement. You need to get in touch with the dealer to place an order for the new gadget. The electric opener will help you to open, but if the opener of the same is lost, the ignition may not start without it. There are override switch options in some vehicles. So check if you are able to start using it.

Know the car purchase details

If you have complete information about your car written down somewhere or saved on your phone, it can be of great help. The car manufacturing date and year along with make and model should be saved for ready reference during such incidents.